Tough Decisions and Project Hiatus

A bit of an announcement: As excited as I’ve been to dig into this dark, fascinating project, I’ve reached a point in my personal world where I have to make some tough decisions. This game, so far, has been a great outlet for getting some of the dark ick out of my head and pouring it into something creative and interesting. But I’m pulling the plug on its life support. For now. Here’s why.

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Morbid Research: Digging Deeper into Death


One of the central themes I’m exploring in DEATHWELL is what death means to different people, and how that meaning can change based-on the circumstances surrounding it. Death, or our fear of its inevitability, is a vital ingredient for many horror-driven experiences, but it plays a unique role in this particular game–as a form of transportation, transformation, and ultimately…catharsis.

This has spurred me to do some research on the subject of death, dying, and related topics. In this post, I’ll share a little more about the game’s overarching themes, the role death plays in the game, and a few neat resources I’ve found while doing research.

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Welcome to the shiny new devlog for DEATHWELL, my upcoming dark fantasy narrative horror RPG. This blog is where I’ll be posting regular articles and updates throughout the game’s development, including design notes, art blasts, things that inspire me, and discussions about themes and elements in the game. Consider everything you see here a work-in-progress, subject to change. With that out of the way, lets talk a little bit more about DEATHWELL, yeah?

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